Australian Irrigation Investments

aii is a private investment company with strategic investments in the Australian water pumping and irrigation industry, focusing on the agriculture sector.


Water is critical to any agricultural enterprise whether it is for livestock or irrigating crops. Equally important are the businesses that service the agricultural industry with their water and irrigation infrastructure requirements. aii has experience owning and operating businesses in this sector at retail, wholesale and distribution levels across all regions of Australia.

We use this experience to invest across 3 key business areas;


We invest in local pump and irrigation retail businesses, either alongside management as part of a buyout, or assisting owners with succession planning to allow for their eventual exit.


We work with some of the world’s most reputable pumping and irrigation product manufacturers to distribute their products into the Australian market via our established distribution platform. This gives us direct access to over 200 pump and irrigation retail dealerships across Australia.

Irrigation and Transformation

Our network and experience allows us to partner with investors looking to convert farming country from dryland to irrigated. We can assist with asset identification, as well as design, supply, install and service of the required irrigation infrastructure.

Current Investments

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